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"I bet you’ve never seen Spider-Man like this before…."

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Funny video of someone pretending to be Spider-Man in real life.


awesome awesome awesome.

Makes me want to swing dance.

This video of someone dressed as Spider-Man dancing (to the Spider-Man theme by Michael Buble ) is really worth watching, partly for sheer awesomeness, and partly because they really can actually dance, and mixed in lots of Spider-Man-ness into it too. Brilliant idea!


On David Letterman show - lots of people dressed up as Spider-Man descend on some poor individuals.


More proof that Mexicans shouldn’t wear costumes. (It’s funny because I’m Mexican harhar.)

Spiderman gymnastics fail.


Spiderman. Drawn in Microsoft Paint.

All I can do in Microsoft Paint is line drawings…

And how no-one later figured out that the person shooting webs here was Spiderman is beyond me…


Sony and Marvel have announced that Actor Andrew Garfield ha… Movie Trailer http://teaser-trailer.com

More at Teaser-Trailer.com

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Awesome Spiderman machine made using vacuum cleaners - yes, he really sticks to the wall and can move around.


LOL cute and funny lil kid

Funny kid doing the spidey dance.


There’s a Hero in all of us.

—Spiderman 2

Excerpt from the Spiderman film “I like to think there’s a hero in all of us”